Any law enforcement agency.
Shawty last night I was chased by the skips.
by L.A. Carter October 05, 2010
wicked guitar player in a shit hole town in Florida.
skip: bass is awesome!
by Unonut March 24, 2004
A person born and raised in Australia whose backround is also Australian.
Look at that 'skip' trying to be greek.
by Dave August 25, 2003
Done to annoy someone who dumps you, as in, ends your relationship.

You order a large skip to be delivered to their house.
"Sarah dumped me last night! I... can't believe it."

"You've got your pint. You've got your pig snacks. What more do you want? C'mon mate, you can skip her in the morning, that'll cheer you up."
by -=Matt=- August 16, 2006
1. To hop with one leg foreward, alternating the foreward leg between hops.
2. To be a pervert, to become one, or to make something perverted.
3. To ditch, leave, or flee from.

1. A pervert.
2. A perverted act, jesture, or verbaige
3. A derogatory term for a person of Anglo-Australian decent.
1. "I skipped around the block!"
2. "Dude! Don't skip what I say!"
3. "I skipped science yesterday, and my mom grounded me for a week!"

1. "Ugh! John is such a skip!"
2. "Dude, did she just skip you?"
3. "Don't talk to me, you fuckin' poofta skip!"
by Kelly "Mitsune" April 29, 2006
To become rather odd in if you are paranoid or being driven solely by the right half of your brain. THis half controls the left side which is not of logic.
"TO be skippin'" or he was "skippy" ,....pretty much is acting a fool.
by RoxXxy June 29, 2006
Probably the worst thing to happen to RHS. A fake rent-a-cop patrolling looking for any reason to turn you in.
Skip: Are you cutting class?
Kid: Uhh, no, i just enjoy hanging out in the woods during class smoking with my friends.
by Luke W. November 29, 2005

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