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swimming nude
"I forgot my swimming suit"
"No problem, we can go skinny dipping"
by Andre December 17, 2003
for crying out loud, it's just swimming naked, IT'S NOT KINKY
Don't go skinny dipping, my parents are watching.
by an azn August 19, 2006
1. Swimming nude.
2. Having sex underwater.
Jack and Jill saw two girls skinny dipping in a pond near their house.
by spottedstar1123 March 11, 2012
When an idiot man takes the plunge (so to speak) by having unprotected sex with a dirty fat girl. This is usually done under the influence of alcohol, but does not hold up as a valid excuse.
Guy #1: "Did you hear about Nick?"

Guy #2: "Yeah! That idiot got drunk on sloe gin and went skinny dipping with Steph at Dave's party last weekend!"

Guy #1: "Indeed he did. I bet she gave him something he won't be able to scrub off with Ajax, Lava soap and an S.O.S pad! Hahahaha what a fuckin' dolt!"
by pompeiialltheway February 05, 2012
1) engaging in sexual intercourse while swimming
2) swimming nude either with a large group or one other person, who usually is a hookup or love interest
3) swimming using underwear as a substitute for swimsuits, usually done with friends
1) "I totally got laid with that chick skinny dipping last night"
2) "Hey babe why don't we spice it up and go skinny dipping tonight?"
3) Joe: "Hey I really want to go swimming right now but I didn't bring my trunks "
Jane: "Me too, but I don't have my bikini either"
Joe: "How about skinny dipping then?"
Jane: "Good thinking!"
by Stevie Scott September 02, 2008
When a male take his penis and dips it into a friend, foe, or complete strangers drink.
A bro I just skinny dipped that guys drink when he went to the bathroom! Skinny Dipping
by funnymonke5 June 15, 2010
Chewing tobacco in the shower
Best way to wake up is with big digger and cold water

Had to get up at 6 for PT, so I went skinny dipping to get me going
by CFInfantry April 14, 2010
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