This is to be occasionally placed at the end of a word (usually while intoxicated) possibly indicating a sense of excitement about the said word.
It can also be added to the end of a person's name, indicating their level of coolness. The addition of more than one "-ski" indicates that the person is more cool than that of a person with only one "-ski". However, adding too many "-ski's" to the end of a word indicates a level of retardation on behalf of the speaker. "-ski's" are best used in moderation.
"Hey what up broski!?" "Yeah hey man, we're going to B-Dubsski's. You wanna come?"

Or used in a name: "Seanskiski", or "Ryanski" - Sean being more cool than Ryan, since he has two "-ski's", rather than Ryan's one "-ski".
by Easymode 4 Life March 04, 2010
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to snort cocaine
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
Add it to the end of any word...for no reason at all.
"time for a bluntSKI."
"I was drunkSKI"
by Dee2287 July 27, 2005
Another name for doing coke.
To go sking, i am sking, K a t e m o s s likes to ski..
by ROBOT JUAN TOO 3 September 18, 2006
To give two guys handjobs while sitting in between them. It is very popular with girls in the south due to the low cost and the fact that no snow is needed.
Amber showed my friends Doug and Robbie that she really knows how to ski. She is an Expert on the Slopes.
by slyfox02 March 01, 2009
A common nickname for a Polish person (often at college, in the military, or in groups with people with varying ethnicities or backgrounds) due to the prevalance of "ski" at the end of Polish last names. Also used as a convenient shortcut from lengthy, consonant-ridden Polish names.
Wojchiechowski, Grabowski, and Tomaszewski are all just "Ski"
by Dan3 August 11, 2006
to give two guys handjobs at the same time
"Last nights skiing session has totally exhausted me today"
by onetwothree1234567 February 07, 2010
An abbreviated version of broski; a friend preferably but not in all cases of male gender.
Yooo ski, whats gooood
by tyyguy March 07, 2011

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