A promiscuous female who sleeps around with many men and enjoys getting skeet in her face, breast, anus, and lower back. Also enjoys giving fellatio.
"Becky slept with everyone in school."

She's definitetly a skeeter. She loves the taste of skeet.
by Manny Fre$h316 September 18, 2010
the aftermath of a mosquito biting you!!!
i just got a crazy skeeter on my arm!!!
by tara cinderella loves henwi September 25, 2011
The undefeated dodgeball champions two years and three tournaments in a row. No amount of balls to the face or broken bones can stop this undefeatable team. It took the school board three tournaments to realize the word "Skeet" (which they repeatedly said over the announcements) means to cum in the face, and upon finding out, forced the Skeeters to change their name the next tourney. It is rumored that they will call themselves "the Sea men" the following year.
"yo man those skeeters skeeted on everybody at the dodgeball tourney"

"yea i fucking told you they would, they alsways do"
by 07 June 28, 2006
skeeter- a line of cocaine usually smaller than normal
Man those are little skeeters, why didnt you cut out some rails?
by downtownhunterbrown January 20, 2009
Short of mosquito, typically used by Southerners
"Ma, there's a skeeter on your back!"
by NinjaDefused May 25, 2015
n. A southern pronunciation of the word mosquitoes.
"These skeeters are eat'in me alive!"
by WiXan June 07, 2013
Two very small breasts...so small they resemble mosquito bites. Spraying a little 'Off' bug spray on them may make them disappear comopletely.
Bess has little skeeters!
by Bug123456 March 06, 2009

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