pot that you scrounge up from nothing. ie: usually what is leftover after a bag is empty and you wish you had more to smoke
Bobby: Hey man, got a doobie to smoke?
Todd: Shit, I wish man, I just smoked my last skeeter. *sigh*
by Kingcluez September 09, 2009
a very white trash name; if somebody is being white trash or a childe call them Skeeter
Skeeter! Put down that roadkill my mom making us dinner.
by Skeeter Travis Childe April 30, 2009
A derogatory term for a Hawaiian, the term arose form massive amounts of Mosquitoes found on the Hawaiian island of Molokai.
Hey skeeter get off my wave.
by mo-squiter September 25, 2010
A girl who is involved in actions that would constitute calling her a bitch, whore, skank, slut or any other variations of words that means she sleeps around and will fuck anything that walks.
"Yo you wanna get some pussy tonight?"
"Hell yeah bro."
"Okay man, i'll call up the skeeters"
by B Wil March 23, 2010
The penis.
Because it shoots skeet.
I got a big skeeter.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 05, 2009
A marijuana filled cigarette, or joint, usually rather small in size as to satisfy only one persons needs.
I rolled a skeeter before going out because no one else wanted to smoke.
by tahanks April 14, 2008
A dirty ignorant slut who is always looking to get stuffed full of dick. Can also be used as a verb to describe when a girl is seeking some sausage.
"Whats a skeeter doing when shes not skeetin'?"

"It's a trick question, a skeeter's always skeetin'."
by Abe Frohdman December 04, 2008

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