A dirty ignorant slut who is always looking to get stuffed full of dick. Can also be used as a verb to describe when a girl is seeking some sausage.
"Whats a skeeter doing when shes not skeetin'?"

"It's a trick question, a skeeter's always skeetin'."
by Abe Frohdman December 04, 2008
One who skeets alot. One who, when sleeping in his rack at night not knowing that the porn hes watching on his computers makes it light in his rack thus showing everyone that happens to be looking at him jacking off or "shadowboxing" through the very thin curtains. he does not even know that everyone can see him through the curtains...that is until all of his shipmates give him shit the next day for it.
Ostermann-"Hey skeeter...we saw u jacking off through the curtains last night."

Norton-"WHAT! how the hell could you see me through the curtains?!"

Ostermann-"Those curtains are really thin, so thats how we could see you skeeting. Dude were soo calling you skeeter from now on. skeet skeet skeet!"
by Norton1987 June 14, 2008
a busted chick who has definitely "been around the block" and has been known to a "village bicycle". usually who is of decent enough attractivness to be considered good enough to take a second look at but would be detramental to your honor as a man to do anything sexual with.
Holy cow steve! Did you just see that chick that just walked by that was walking with a stick up her butt? She was definitely a skeeter.
by SAWGY29 January 31, 2008
A kind of trick you can do with your dick and balls (not that I have a dick and balls, but my boyfriend does)

When you twist your junk around so that your balls are on top of your dick and you put a little dot on each ball to look like eyes, and with the dick hanging right in the middle like a snout so that it looks like a mosquito. Hence the name skeeter
He showed me the goat so I had to give him a good gander at my skeeter!
by Sarah Lambert March 03, 2008
police men, cops, pigs, rats.
Sam got arrested by some skeeters cus she was smoking some mary jane.
by Sammmmmy Sammmmm June 26, 2010
some blue dude on doug who queefs a lot
aw skeeter stop queefing
by T-Money May 01, 2003
a technique of spitting from under the tongue. gleet
That kid can skeeter on you from his desk.
by Mike in Texas May 31, 2005

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