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Take a gander at this! (take a look at this). Also 'have a gander'. Usu. used as a noun but I have heard it used as a verb.
by tyto2820 October 01, 2003
238 69
a look, a glance (from the stretched, gooselike neck of someone gazing intently)
Take a gander at this wierd machine over here.
by Light Joker December 09, 2005
94 36
take a look
Adam West "Hey baby you wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis"
by Adam Westside December 19, 2008
71 26
Person of Indian descent. Usually spotted with bushy mustache, and sandals. Very frugal. Never buys anything, but never afraid to ask for a price.
Look at that Gander, look, look, look and never buy!
by lordachoo June 06, 2013
28 2
to look at something
let us av a ganders
by T-leaf October 09, 2003
18 5
To have a walk. Stretch your legs.
Alex take a GANDER to marks and spencers to meet me.
by gazzisright February 20, 2011
11 27
Someone from or living in the state of Michigan.
Gander Pride
by Gander Country 18 April 27, 2009
7 23