any form of cocaine, usually the good shit
My nose hurts because I did so much fuckin' skeeter last night
by Reddogg July 31, 2005
The best darn olympic team in Chadbourne Residential College.
Winning the Chadbourne Olympics was a big release for the Skeeters
by Gordon October 14, 2004
A fine female. A female you would like to hook up with and skeet all over.
Man, should of been there last night. The place was full of skeeters and they were all willing to give it up.
by Art Delay October 06, 2005
Horse lover, buys elephants for his...he has his own elephantfuckhouse
by Ya Mom in the next room July 20, 2003
the name used for when the male stem of a bong is used to snort cocaine. has incredibly pleasant results when used with "skeet" or cocaine that has been passed through a flour sifter.

the name came about one long and crazy nite when a few buddies sat in one very small studio pondering what to call this novelty. after brainstorming possible names, for some reason muppet babies became the topic of conversation or rather someone was really high and talking like beeker, and from beeker it went to skeeter and all of a sudden the bastard utensil gleemed as if begging to be baptized and voila! from then on it is called skeeter. so now my borthers and sisters, use this, go forth and multiply.
instructions: place finely ground cocaine on a clean, dry surface in a mound equivalent to a fatty line. place the skeeter directly over the mound in a 90 degree position. place nostril over the other end and inhale sharply while simulaneously tilting the skeeter ever so slightly so as to create a clear hole effect of outside air rushing in to further push the product up the nose. wait a few minutes then continue repeating until there's no mo' left and you gotta pound whiskey to go to sleep.
by Misc. P May 25, 2006
a guy who aint done "it" in a while so when he finally do he cums alot
dayum ur a fuckin skeeter
by shadyshit goinon March 05, 2003
When a boy nuts
Jessica said he skeetered in her mouth.
by Anonymous May 03, 2003

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