the name used for when the male stem of a bong is used to snort cocaine. has incredibly pleasant results when used with "skeet" or cocaine that has been passed through a flour sifter.

the name came about one long and crazy nite when a few buddies sat in one very small studio pondering what to call this novelty. after brainstorming possible names, for some reason muppet babies became the topic of conversation or rather someone was really high and talking like beeker, and from beeker it went to skeeter and all of a sudden the bastard utensil gleemed as if begging to be baptized and voila! from then on it is called skeeter. so now my borthers and sisters, use this, go forth and multiply.
instructions: place finely ground cocaine on a clean, dry surface in a mound equivalent to a fatty line. place the skeeter directly over the mound in a 90 degree position. place nostril over the other end and inhale sharply while simulaneously tilting the skeeter ever so slightly so as to create a clear hole effect of outside air rushing in to further push the product up the nose. wait a few minutes then continue repeating until there's no mo' left and you gotta pound whiskey to go to sleep.
by Misc. P May 25, 2006
Top Definition
1. Though thought to be blue, Skeeter Valentine was indeed black. The only man who could beat box, brake dance, and wear MC Hammer pants in a cartoon show through the early - mid 90's. The only other blue-violet colored person on the show, "Bee Bee", was Skeeter's girlfriend at a point, and she was so black she was purple, thus making her Haitian.

2. One who ejaqulates.
Doug: Man I don't know how to dance.
Skeeter: Let me show you Doug *dances*
Doug: Am I doing it right now?
Skeeter: Nope. HEH HEH!
Doug: Why can you dance and I can't?
Skeeter: Because I'm black.
by Kadafi January 31, 2005
One who skeets (ejaculates) constantly, a light blue friend of Doug Funny's with spikey hair, red shoes, yellow shorts, red shirt and a blue vest
"Yo Skeeter stop skeeting all over the place, me and Patty are trying to get down...go skeet on Porkchop, he's in his igloo."
by crash nebula June 29, 2004
A small, bloodsucking insect such as a mosquito.
Hank, watch out for them dang old skeeters, they itch like a bitch when they gitcha.
by Gallitar December 05, 2004
Anyone named Peter who enjoys ejaculating in his own hair.
God damn it Peter have you been shampooing with your semen again! you smell like one handed sex you fucking skeeter!
by K.raker August 11, 2010
A drunk in a bar that "don't take kindly" to anything.
Skeeter: Hey! Eight-year old! We don't take kindly to your types in here!
Barkeep: Now, calm down, Skeeter. They ain't hurtin' nobody.
Skeeter: NO! approaches Stan I wanna know som'in' from Mr. I'm Eight Years Old here! How come you types are always wearin' them funny padded shirts in the winter?!
Stan: …Coats?
Barkeep: Now, Skeeter, I don't want no trouble.
Patron with hat: pointing at Stan We don't take kindly to your types around here!
Stan: Dude, what the hell is going in?!
Cartman: Did you guys see a big panda bear in here, or not?
Skeeter: pounds the counter We don't take kindly to panda bears!
Stan: Well, we don't take kindly to you!
Patron with hat: pointing at Stan Well, we don't take kindly to folks that don't take kindly around here.
by nitz March 02, 2006
Those stretchy little pants that girls try to wear as real pants, but aren't actually pants at all.
Camilla, why don't you put something on over those skeeters. You look like a ho.
by LouX42 February 23, 2010
a mosquito (an abbreviation of mosquito)
Those pesky skeeters are everywhere.
by Light Joker April 27, 2006
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