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the act of trapping people to pay for you in social situations.

May be used as a noun / verb
ex. 1
a: "YOOOO guys,,,,i left my wallet in my car"
b: "what a skndar!"
ex. 2
a: "SHIIT....oh thank god here's the 5, i thought i was gona have to pull of a skandar"
ex. 3
a: "EVERYONE BRING UR WALLETS....i don't wana see any skandars tonight!!!"
by dufous Urfous June 20, 2009
6 9
A gay ugly bastard with hair stickng out of his nose. May be mistaken with a female because of the large inverted nipples that cover the subjects chest. Son of 3amar and Gomez (see: Kanderi,)
3azoooz Sakndar
Kareem Skandar
3baid Skandar
by anonymous August 05, 2003
8 41