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Kareem means generous, (n) awesome, amazing guy, really cool hair, sometime fluflly, sometime straight emo. Gorgeous smile, and you'd do anything to be with him, or to hear his voice, I dream kareem. ;)
by femmefatale_09 March 23, 2009
A very caring, sexy,well-rounded guy. Has great hair, play great guitar and sings, and gets along with just about anyone. Just an awesome person.
I wanna go out with that guy Kareem. He's so dreamy.
by mzblaze October 18, 2008
a VERY hot man with amazing shoulders/biceps

not too shabby in the tummy area

only downside is that the voice is weird?
damn kareem, yous a fine ass muthafuckaa
wanna back rub ?
by baby cakes mamma site September 02, 2008
A delicious black boy. Also known as Dollface, Beautiful Jungle Flower, Sweet Heart, Dear, or Love. An absolute beautiful soul, who always has the best of intentions. A total mystery. My best friend. And wonderful, sweet, caring, inteligent, frustrating, charismatic, human being.
That Kareem is one delicious black boy!
Man, i have been away for far too long. I miss Kareem so much!
Yeah that guys cool i guess. Not as cool as Kareem, though.
by Signifigant_other June 27, 2011
A boy who is understanding. The one you have always dreamed of. He is very funny, outgoing, crazy, sexy, lovable, and that prince you've been waiting on to rescue you. Also he is very good with kids and very athletic. He is that one you think of every night. The one you wait on all day to text/call you back. Basically the one when you find true love.He is the one who makes you feel some type of way. The one who will be there through your up's and downs. Mainly you could say he is Cupid.
Wow, Kareem is my sunshine
by Tisha White October 22, 2013
A sweet amazon jungle flower scent bottled by Sarah Jessica Parker made for yurkie Fragrance
"Oh sally! Bottons smell devine! what Fragrance is that?" "oh that? thats Kareem by Sarah Jessica Parker. you got to try some!"
by hahaaahy June 24, 2009
A smelly little Indian with pubes on his face who sits next to a white boy and an Asian in physical science class and always says "Straight up Yo."
Ryan: Mommy, why does that man smell so bad?
Mom: Stupid Ryan, that's Kareem you dumbass.
by Ms Schaefer May 15, 2011

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