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Saxon: Meaning wealthy guardian, known for extreme but accurate self agrandissement and never thinking before disclosing personal secrets.
Edmund always said he had a big cock, shame its true.
by Dead eye February 05, 2010
the king of awesomeness. edmunds tend to own rachels and will gladly own you. beware for his temper, as he will show who's boss.
edmund doesn't like fatchicks, his temper lures in beautiful women like rachel
by gamos February 04, 2010
an edmund is the smexiest bear on the planet.

He also has a mind blowing fringe which most would like to molest.
Edmund is an amazing friend and a very entertaining person to talk to.
The world would be bleak and dark without this boy.
jasmine:what would i do without you(;
edmund: yesyes i know. the world would be so lonely without an edmund.(Y)
by thebun October 17, 2011
normally a fitness freak, worries a lot and has main interests in chirpsing gash. found in St Albans liking girls begining with L, T, C and G. Edmunds also like to fight and banter with others.
Edmund - "Im going to Chirpe some gash tonight"
Edmund - "Should i do weights and a run?"
Edmund - "I left them speachless"
Edmund - "Im going to beat this kid"
by hahah 1 August 24, 2009
An Edmunds is a really cool person who is really cool.
''Oh yeah i met an Edmunds last night. We really hit it off.'
by Mayyeddderss March 19, 2010
a person who resembles a girl but has a pretty face
edmund: I'm a guy dude.
emily: no, you were always a girl
by lalalalalapedobear November 07, 2011
A very hairy anus that when you touch jiggles in a to and fro motion.
Dude, she's got an edmund.
by johnnnyTman November 06, 2007
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