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Skandar Keynes, a 14 year old british actor best know for his role in the recent Chronicles of Narnia film as Edmund Pevensie. He lives in London and has 2 cats, Puss and Boots, and an older sister called Soumaya. He is distantly related to naturalist Charles Darwin.
A common mispelling for Skandar Keynes name is Skander.
His name is pronounced, Skand-der Canes.
by Barbie___x July 15, 2006
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The actor in the Narnia series, He plays Edmund. He is Madly in love with my best friend and they will get married and live in California with a bakery. It will be called "keynes baked goods"
I am going to be Mrs. Skandar Keynes.
by ihannahm February 17, 2011
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