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someone who is single. singledom- similar to freedom.
after have the bitch nag at me for years, i open my arms to singledom.
by my balls itch May 20, 2004
at 19-30 it is the sad fact that your friends and family that have B/G friends or are married already, are to stupid to remember that they need a single life to away from their S/O.

at 30-up it is the sad fact that your married with children friends and family are to busy to make time for single friends.
Mark is in the state of singledom.

I can't wait till all you married get divorced because you didn't live your life and take time to have fun away from each other. For you will experience singledome at the worst time in life.
by RoBPrO May 22, 2011
being single for too damn long!
Ay, that one girl can't be happy with her singledom; I mean she hasn't been on a date in 3 years!
by thatchick14 November 21, 2010
A realm of solitude whose cohorts are apathetic to their condition.
Jane, unsuccessful with the history of her past relationships, confined herself to singledom for the rest of her life.
by Bob Dole November 08, 2003
The state of being single, not in a relationship.
That date was terrible! I guess I'll continue this stretch of singledom.
by MsMusicalMess October 12, 2015
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