when you are alone without a partner you are not involved with anyone and most of the time you miserable being
question:do you have a girlfriend?
answer:no i'm single
by cutie December 26, 2003
A man who makes jokes about women being in a kitchen
That woman joke was funny! Now I know why you are single
#woman #joke #single #kitchen #funny
by mr.omallycat November 20, 2011
term used to define a denomination of currency, particularly British Sterling
When a cashier requires £1 coins they may ask for 'singles'
BLAAAHHHHHHHHHH. that should pretty much explain the feeling when it's confirmed you're the person who has the unrequited love and it's not the other way around.
Person 1 : hey, what are you doing on friday?
Person 2 : oh i'm going on a date with Ryan, how about you?
Person 1 : ...i'm uh....
Person 2 : gonna stay home alone like every other weekend HAH HAH HAAAAAA
Person 1 : *muttering foul words under breath*
by esme February 17, 2004
When a girl or guy is able to now be slutty, whorey, manslutty, or manwhorey.
are you taken?
no i'm single
cool. i wish i was because it would give me some air.
#slut #taken #whore #singl #yey
by jessie lydia dashhon March 30, 2008
An eight of an ounce of marijuanna (or 3.5g), the common amount of marijuanna purchased by a single person. Also commonly called as an eighth.
Hey whats up bro, can you get me a single?
#marijuanna #eighth #bud #weed #drugs
by jimmyjoejon January 22, 2008
Singles is a term for Cigarettes commonly heard in large cities.

Possible origin could be Cincinnati.
Hey brosef, you got a single?
#cigarettes #smokes #pack #smoking #ciggarettes
by JeR ReS GeS October 13, 2007
3.5 grams of marijuana.
Pothead: What up, Pablo, can I get a single?
Pablo: Yea, go ahead and stop by.
by Anonymous August 01, 2004
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