The state of not being another person's bitch anymore. Feeling free to hit on other bitches and doing whatever you please.
"You're single now?"
"Yeah, bro. I don't have to be her bitch anymore! Time to scope out some new chicks and have some fun!"
by TheBoss14 December 25, 2011
lacking motivation to consistently maintain the level of personal hygiene and/or considerate shaving habits generally considered appropriate in a committed relationship.
Spinster Aunt: I don't understand how you're not taken yet. You're so beautiful/handsome/talented/kind/(insert positive adjective here)!
Me: Being single is just less work...
by realitycheckplease September 22, 2011
Back in the day before modern slang butchered the English language, single once meant "not married." Today, single means someone who's not in a relationship.
When filling out my government paperwork, I saw an option for "single" and "married," but no option for being in my boyfriend/girlfriend relationship! I'm not married *or* single! WTF is this crap?!
by hoofum May 18, 2011
1. For a friendly, considerate, and well-meaning person this can be a great period where one learns a lot about him/herself and life in general. For example, one can learn a lot about going out, meeting new people, and making new friendships that can help her/him in the social marketplace.

2. If one lacks common-sense social skills and/or basic social etiquette it can be a lonely, lonely sausage fest for guys or a trip down Get-Your-Ass-Used-Avenue for girls. Lacking these social skills include: being a douchebag by not bringing one's own liquor to a party or by not letting one's date/new friend talk because s/he is too busy talking about the most boring shit in the world or about her/himself non-stop. Basically, being SINGLE for this person means they better social skill UP. There's a REASON why s/he is single!!!!

3. A time that is desperately needed for serial daters because they need to find out who the f*ck they are and what/who they really want in life.
1. I'm so envious of Malik. He's so happy being single and he's really finding out a lot about himself.

2. No wonder Apple is single. She doesn't know shit about guys or how the dating game works. Poor girl, she keeps meetin douchy assholes that just use her for sex :(

3. That boy seriously needs some single time. All he does is date one girl after another and you can tell he's just dependent on them for emotional support! Wut a weak ass bich!
by hoopladoopla December 28, 2010
Someone who makes jokes about the other sex.
Guy 1: MaKe Me A sAnDwIcH wOmAn!!!11!!
Girl 1: You're single aren't you...

Girl 1: MEN ARE PIGZ!!11!!1!!!!one!!!1
Guy 1: You're single aren't you...
by Znorock January 18, 2012
Independently Owed and Operated.
Bob asks "Are you single?"
Mary replies "No! I am Independently Owned and Operated!"
by Kitten2014 June 11, 2014
1. Indicates that something is one, as opposed to two or more. Contrasts with double, triple.
2. Not currently in a relationship

1. Something that is only one, as opposed to two or more.
2. A person who is not currently in a relationship.
3. A room, as in a college, for one person.
4. The standard, 4-panel mode in DDR.


1. To isolate. Used in the expression "to single out."
I'll have a single scoop of ice cream.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012

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