A word you use for someone who is always making people laugh by what they say and always making jokes..usually happens with people by the the name of Joel.
silly boy!
by JejejejejejEJe April 08, 2012
A word often used in a flirty manner or as a substitute for a more serious gesture such as love. Saying "you're so silly" can be used as a substitute to stop yourself from saying "I love you" too early or saying it when both people are not there yet.
Boy: (doing or saying something sweet, funny, etc.)
Girl: You're so silly :)
by SouthernBelle2 December 26, 2013
A girl named Grace.
Grace is silly.
by blairtoven June 11, 2011
Correct definition:
weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish: a silly writer.
absurd; ridiculous; irrational: a silly idea.
stunned; dazed: He knocked me silly.
Guy: Wanna go on a date?
Girl: You're so silly.
Guy: Is that a yes?
Girl: NO.
by Grey6116 September 01, 2012
someone who is a goof and does funny things.
Cassie Sharp is a silly person because she laughs alot at stupid things.
by artmachine March 25, 2010
Someone who jokes around, and giggles at all the little things.
Bryanna: giggling at something Mason said
Mason:you are such a giggler
Bryanna: Nooooo ;)
Mason: your so silly

Bryanna: no your silly
by Mr. Sillypants October 06, 2011
An elementary way of saying retarded.
Child: Mommy! I look like a robo dino!!! DDDWWAAAHH!

Mother: Tommy, your so silly.
by PA1N October 22, 2011

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