This word derives from the homosexual culture. Often showing a jokative gesture of stupidity
Oh Raul, that shirt doethn't match with those sockths! Really, Oh Jeeth Chrith!
You big Silly!
by omar April 01, 2004
to be silly
"oh your so silly"says the gay man as he waves his hand
by alana September 08, 2003
an endearing term used to describe black people.
Man, that silly can really move!
by john123456789 September 15, 2007
To be honest.
Nate was acting silly.
by Nate Berends July 01, 2004
slang for farting or pooping.
I dropped a silly. There is a silly in the toilet
by 8-Bit July 20, 2005
Silly is being able to make everyone laugh every single damn day just by turning up
There is no better example of silly than a dude called Luke
by Lukemia September 19, 2015

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