A numnum who is silly is one who thinks its ok to be crazy and like piano players.
Anna is silly.
by pianoman108 March 03, 2011
Silly; a word used in place of being drunk or high.
Or wanting to get drunk or high.
I wana get silly tonight!

OMG I get soo silly off of 2 shots!

Do you wanna get super silly or just a little silly tonight?

Maybe we'll both get silly and hook up at the party!

He gets super silly when he smokes haa
by Silly J August 04, 2010
Code word for semen/to cum/the process of ejaculation. Can be used when in the company of people you do not wish to be crude in front of i.e. your mother.
E.g. "I sillied in my panties"

"I want to silly on your face"

"Wow I just sillied myself"

"Oh God girl, eat my silly!"
by La-Punch + Buh-Dyer June 16, 2009
Spreading fast across the DC-metro landscape, the word "Silly" is both dynamic and powerful. Most often, said term is applied to a female between the ages of 21 to 28, sporting her saturday night duds and perfecting the trademark wobble of a young vixen in transit from one M street locale to another. The Silly is, strangely enough, liken to Batman, or any number of fictional vigilantes who assume secret identities by night. In this case, however, The silly has no political or moral agenda, no body armor and no super-powers. Instead, the Silly commands a limited skill-set of the following: Massive apple-tini intake, Dad's platinum card, a limited yet emphatic vocabulary, and a mastered ability to puke while sending a text. As the sun rises over the key bridge, the Silly will emerge from her wrinkled, vodka drenched cocoon as something between a butterfly and a wet dog who, sadly enough, doesn't fly and can't remember shit.

While frequently acting as willing participants in perpetuating a wholly damaging stereotype, Sillies seem conveniently unaware of said stigma and have therefore managed to convince the less intuitive that they are somehow absolved of any blame.
1:36 a.m. at a popular Georgetown bar...

Bro 1: "yo man, there's some talent in the corner there"
Bro 2: "word. Looks about right to me man"
Bro 1: "I'm likin' the one in the green"
Bro 2: "...They're all wearing green"
Bro 1: " Shit, well the one in the heels then"
Bro 2: " Yeah...heels all the way down the line"
Bro 2: "Then how bout the one spilling her drink on the bouncer and about to smash her glass. SHE's yelling at HIM. What the fuck? That's so..
Bro 1&2: "SILLY"
by LawrenceofGleedsville December 07, 2009
A word used in place of words such as:
- stupid
- dumb
- ridiculous
- funny (in a weird way)
*Kid starts throwing shit *

Kindergarten Teacher: "Oh, you are sooo silly, Bobby!"
by leschoristes354 March 15, 2010
A word adopted by rappers abroad, originally only used by the gays.
But is actually a word used to connotate the homosexual nature of something or someone, or to do something homosexual.

Unfortunately Rapper V.I.C. did not get the memo and refers to everything as "Gay" in all of his raps and encourages people to "Get Gay"
Gangsta 1:Yo Yo Yo son, lets go get silly at the club!

Lil Wayne : Hell ya, if by silly you mean gay sex. Gay sex is so silly, teehee!

Ex 2
Gangsta 1 : Shiet maen, my wrist so silly.

Guy: Hell ya its incredibly gay you put out a loan for a watch.
by Btank July 18, 2008
nice word for retarded
wow look at that silly kid over there!

quit acting silly...

that shirt looks silly on you
by Julianne December 17, 2003

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