nice word for retarded
wow look at that silly kid over there!

quit acting silly...

that shirt looks silly on you
by Julianne December 17, 2003
A person playing a role of a clown but surprising everybody with smart and thoughtful comments and analyzes in different situations where the person finds it suitable. These persons are often overseen as regular harlequins but are not to be underrated.
A) The definition of this word can´t be explained, you´ll have to see it for yourself.
by Christopher J February 10, 2003
The English meaning is meant in an endearing way. However, this can be very offensive for educated Turkish girls.
"Never use that word 'silly' with me again!" The Turkish girl Cig Cig from Istanbul said.
by omgs August 28, 2007
Derived from a small town in the US, silly is most often used as a noun to describe or act as a substitute for anything the speaker desires, but usually refers to something sexual in nature. Usually preceded by an article. (the silly)
"I can't find anything to write with. Go get me a silly."
"Put your clothes in the silly."
"They were doin' the silly last night!"
"Hey baby, wanna go do the silly? Eh eh?"
"What the silly??"
"What in the silly were you thinking?!"
by TehSillie May 11, 2004
Being highly intoxicated.
I went to the bar last night and just got SILLY.
by jeff March 21, 2004
a veilled reference to fooling around sexually, or sex.
Daddy wants to get silly tonight, for really.
by pistolp February 21, 2004
A statement or event in which the funny is said or the cunt happens
A man takes off his own boot and wallops another man. "He did me the silly!" says the man in question.
by That's a silly right there January 03, 2004

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