when you see a person having silicon to more than one place of his/her boddy or when you see many people together(a company) having plastic surgeries including silicon in their boddies,like their chests
oh man look those girls chests there...they look like silicon valley....
by louba September 21, 2007
An area with at least 2 women with huge fake breasts
Little Joe: Hey dad, can we go to silicon valley this afternoon?

Dad: No kid, not again. We've visited grandma and aunt Sally already twice this week!
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
the space between the fake boobies, the twins, breasts or tits. butt chest. clevage.
check it out man. I can see silicone valley through that shirt
by killer cheese wedge February 24, 2003
Ex 1- An area in Southern California where the computer industry is booming and where most computers are either made, though of, etc...

Ex 2- A girl with extremely fake tits. Examples are that ho' Wendy Williams, Tara Reid, Pamela Anderson before the "reduction", etc. The girl's surgery is so obvious that her skin wrinkles around the implants and they don't move when she's pogoing or jumping at all.
Ex. 1- Lets go to Silicon Valley to get a job in the high tech field!

Ex. 2-

Dude 1- Yo check out that piece of ass, shes got such a tight ass and a fucking huge rack.

Dude 2- Yeah if her rack was real. Don't go near her dude. She's a typical sillicon valley man. I bet she could power the whole fucking country's computer network. Plus they probably feel like boulders.

(while Tommy Lee sucks on the girl's nerps as onlookers watch in horror)
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
An area in northern california that is heavily populated by computer and technology related companies. This area is devoid of females and filled mostly with fat ugly bitches with attitudes who expect to marry a millionaire. On the other hand, there is an abundance of social skill deprived males who repeatedly wank off to animted internet porn and could never get laid with a real chick. Bin Laden should set this place on fire, not New York.
God, holy crap, all I see in San Jose is a bunch of useless geeks and chicks who look like they are from Mars.
by ultraseven February 16, 2005
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