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The immediately preceding statement is false and was told to mislead.
I really miss that show Blossom ... SIKE!
by iwastoodrunk March 29, 2004
A misspelling of psych.
Knowing Sonia was thirsty, Jonathan teased her with his soda. "Here, you can have a sip...psych!"
by Jonathan Hamilton April 30, 2005
Misspelling of slang term "psych", which is short for "psyched out". It can be used at the end of a statement intended to psychologically cause its recipient to be taken off guard or aback, hence allowing for a competitive advantage by the person using the statement. It is intended to be used, & then its success is to be pointed out publicly, as further source of creating an embarrassing competitive edge.
Hey Joey, your sister let me see her naked last night. Sike!
#psych #psyched out #competitive #sike #edge #advantage
by ScottySlave November 24, 2007
A misspelling of "psyche."
S-i-k-e is the correct spelling...psyche!
by virgindog March 04, 2005
A slang term (correctly, "psych") that was big in the 1990s. It's similar in usage to adding "not" to the end of a statement that's meant to be either sarcastic, a joke, or both.
1. Sure, you can borrow my brand new car for the weekend. Psych!

2. Yeah, that shirt looks great on you. Not!

#psych #sike #1990s #'90s #90s #slang #sarcasm
by forced name November 24, 2007
{pronounced like Nikes}

Fake Nikes
"Gee, those ain't no Nikes, them some Sikes!"
#nikes #shoes #cheap #knock-off #fake
by ShooShwanksta January 18, 2008
An slang term that began in the late 70's. The word sike is used to negate what ever statement might have come before it. It basically means, "just kidding" or "yea, right". Usually, a pause is given between the original statement and the "sike" as to see if the original comment caused a reaction, before people realize that the person was just kidding. It is used in exactly the same way "Not!" was used, when coined by the Wayne's World movies.
George Bush is the greatest president ever... Sike!
#psych #syke #sike out #psych out #sake #sukki sukki
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
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