1. sidekick rice

2. sidekick the cell phone

3. sidekick the male or female as a sex call

4. sidekick the song by Natasha Bradley with over 2 million youtube views.

5. sidekick dance move

6. sidekick, kick you dog in the head with a sidekick
"Did you do the sidekick to the sidekick using your sidekick while doingg the sidekick because after the sidekick to the sidekick?"

by kordug March 14, 2009
the t-mobile sidekick is just about the best phone ever. If you own a sidekick, you are most likely to be envied by your peers. You can do everything on this phone. I mean EVERYTHING. Text, surf, Im, take notes, take pics, play games, listen to music. If you have a sidekick, your automaticly the shizznit. This is a phone favored by scene kids and rockstars.
Kid1: omg is that a sidekick?
Kid2: uhhh yeah...
Kid1: 3?
Kid2: yup
Kid1: ugg I'm so jealous
Kid2: I'm sorry
by cm14225 February 17, 2007
sidekick: A new item on the market recently produced by red rhino fireworks. It is more powerful then a firecracker but very loud and pretty much the legal version of the m-80. (only sold at the indian reservation)
hey, lets go get some sidekicks from the reservation and go blow up some coffee cans.
by Ryan14 July 05, 2006
(v. tr.) To publicly shame a wrongdoer via website, blog, email, or other publication in order to achieve restitution.
Sasha heard that Luis was the one who stole her cellphone out of her car, so she confronted him, but he denied it. When she saw him using the phone later, she decided to sidekick him to get it back. Only after everyone started calling him a thief did he return the phone to Sasha.
by KarlGustav June 26, 2006
a whack piece of shit technological device that doesn't have any real useful capabilities its garbage worthless and i dont understand why anyone would want a sidekick
Juan: "yo son u gettin that new sidekick?"

Will: "hell nah that shit is trash ima get me a helio
by IsRael Da Beast September 19, 2007
1.an over-priced electrical device that is used by wannabe "ballerz" and people who are too afraid to speak.

2.the death of speech
1.ayo son, i gots me da neu sidekick 3 yo, im iz da biggest balla ever fam...

2. our forefathers fought so YOU can have the freedom of speech so you can TALK and express how you feel....not to send a fucking text message on your sidekick to AMY telling her how hott chad is.....
by tha truth teller August 07, 2006
A person whose purpose is to solely stand around a group of amusing individuals and act as though he fits in. see also joe burton
That joe burton is one stupid sidekick. that fuck
by waldo April 25, 2003

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