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15 definitions by kordug

A Turkish word meaning "Swear to god".

"Did you tell mom I came home late?"

"No, Vallah I didn't".
by kordug March 15, 2009
Estrovia means cheers, used in countries as; Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, etc.

by kordug March 15, 2009
This is a high school located in Edmonton Alberta. Very big school, with a lot of options, freedom, nice and smart people, and funny teachers.
"what school you go to?"

"Jasper Place High School"
by kordug March 15, 2009
She is very underrated, not a very famous singer, but she is talented. Being able to sing, dance, and look hot.
"Who's Natasha Bradley and what nationality is she?"

"She's a hot singer but she I don't know about the nationality but she looks like Jamaican, Iraqi mixture.
by kordug March 14, 2009
Melez is a Turkish word describing a half black and half other race person.
"Senin bebegin melez demmi?"

"Evet canim"
by kordug March 15, 2009
A city in Western Turkey.
"Yo have you ever been to Troy?"

"YES! Turkey is so much better than Greece"

"Say Vallah bro"
by kordug March 15, 2009
A turkish spice, used with pastirma(a kind of thin sliced meat, almost like beef jerkey). If you eat a lot of this spice, it does make you smell.
"I ate sumacli pastirma today, too good"

"Ya well now I see what that smell was"
by kordug March 15, 2009