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A Turkish word meaning "Swear to god".

"Did you tell mom I came home late?"

"No, Vallah I didn't".
by kordug March 15, 2009
Estrovia means cheers, used in countries as; Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, etc.

by kordug March 15, 2009
This is a high school located in Edmonton Alberta. Very big school, with a lot of options, freedom, nice and smart people, and funny teachers.
"what school you go to?"

"Jasper Place High School"
by kordug March 15, 2009
A city in Western Turkey.
"Yo have you ever been to Troy?"

"YES! Turkey is so much better than Greece"

"Say Vallah bro"
by kordug March 15, 2009
She is very underrated, not a very famous singer, but she is talented. Being able to sing, dance, and look hot.
"Who's Natasha Bradley and what nationality is she?"

"She's a hot singer but she I don't know about the nationality but she looks like Jamaican, Iraqi mixture.
by kordug March 14, 2009
Melez is a Turkish word describing a half black and half other race person.
"Senin bebegin melez demmi?"

"Evet canim"
by kordug March 15, 2009
A turkish spice, used with pastirma(a kind of thin sliced meat, almost like beef jerkey). If you eat a lot of this spice, it does make you smell.
"I ate sumacli pastirma today, too good"

"Ya well now I see what that smell was"
by kordug March 15, 2009

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