This person is almost always with a partner called a Buddy. Sidekick tends to enjoy the company of Buddy's girlfriend or boyfriend. When asked, "How's it going?" the sidekick may respond "Not much"...(long pause)..."You?" The sidekick may either be in class, the computer lab, or working out. The sidekick may be more or less powerful than the Buddy, but they tend to train in some form of Karate.
"Looks like Sidekick just got back from working out."
"There's Buddy and Sidekick."
by Gatman and Thicke May 04, 2009
A cell phone that is often stolen, because it has a removeable SIM card.
person 1 "Dude, some guy stole my sidekick!"

person 2 "Yeah, i told you that would happen."
by bombkitten, like duh January 05, 2009
Somebody other then your main boyfriend or girlfriend; Lover on the side.
"A man can have a main dame and his sidekick chick on the side."
by 1Cinnabun March 14, 2008
The person in a group of two that is the lesser. He/she is typically lacking that umph that the hero gives, and gets stuck with red tights. Many sidekicks took too long to develop their social skills, and were major douche bags.
Sean: "Robin is the perfect sidekick. He just sits there in red tights while Batman jumps and does ninja stuff."
Larry: "True that."
by Leonitus March 25, 2007
a gay bird-man
the sidekick boy robin sucked off man bat.
by jjllss September 02, 2010
The hottest and greates piece of technology on earth (even though its not the most hightech) made popular by celebrities this phone is amazing (I'm on it right now) it can do many thingz aol,yahoo,web browser,camera,email,note taking, huge phonebook,light weight,cool swivel screen,great aplications and a BEST FRIEND
"I Wrote this definition on my sidekick2"

"Hey fool crystal's all showing off her lil flip phone pull out ur sidekick2"
by O.P.G April 29, 2006
The hit after a "hero" hit when toking a bowl.
The hit that clears a bowl.
Hey man this hero hits got a sidekick!
by The Dorky Darky August 03, 2011

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