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Down with the Sickness is one of the greatest albums of all time, from one of the best bands ever, Disturbed. They are not shit music, and neither is Sickness.
"Down with the Sickness is so much better than your shitty music collection"
by Nudger December 09, 2003
Really good amazing marijuana. Very High Queality
I love to smoke the Sickness.
by The Sickness March 11, 2005
'the sickness' is what your clothes get when you wash them, but fail to hang them out until the next day. Once they're dry, they smell faintly like sick.
About to meet his date, Kevin froze as he realised the smell of vomit was coming from his freshly-washed shirt. "Damn, my shirt's got the sickness".
by heathen September 03, 2004