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Someone who starts with a "known" conclusion and attempts to provide reasons despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary.
"God must exist, because that's what I was told when I was young...here are some other reasons"
by heathen May 08, 2005
after you smoke, this is what you are
im fuckin ripped man, that blunt was SO good
by heathen September 14, 2003
'the sickness' is what your clothes get when you wash them, but fail to hang them out until the next day. Once they're dry, they smell faintly like sick.
About to meet his date, Kevin froze as he realised the smell of vomit was coming from his freshly-washed shirt. "Damn, my shirt's got the sickness".
by heathen September 03, 2004
A promiscuous female; one who sleeps with many males indiscriminately
You know that Beth girl? She's KFC: Keen For Cock
by heathen September 04, 2004
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