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A Rapper from south florida signed to black market records,Has many psychological problems causing his music to have a skitzophrenic sound, he is famous for refusing to write only freestyling.
Named Sicc(Nicca Sicc) he stated in an interview that the name started in a mental institution in Knoxville Tennessee wen numerous other patients remarked "Damn that niggas sicc"
"Ima let the siccness drip from my lips/pull the bacc fade pussy nigga rest in piss"-Sicc 'Nicca Sicc' - Kreepin Freestyle
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by Siccloc1 June 16, 2013
NOT THAT FAGGOT ASS SKATER VERSION OF SICK. Sicc = Tha Siccness, brotha lynch hung.
That Rip-Gut Cannibal Hannibal Shit, Nigga Nuts N Guts all over my Chest an stomache, runnin to the lac, to my strap in the back, twist me up a sac, an im back at the Garden Blocc, kickin it with maniac, that nigga that a maniac, Sicca then sicc when the clips in progress, put em the ground with there brain, fulla dem 9 slugs, an read'em in readers digest, uhh, i found a new love, trickelin in my brain, half of the doja, half of that O.E, half for the fact that im that insane, nigga from the deuce 4 bloccsta, where niggaz never put there glocks up, an get there cocks sucked, nigga you just cant stop us, Locc 2 tha brain, with the main game, betta maintain, untouchable, cut yo throat, and leave you in the street with a lynch around yo throat Mutha Fucka, cuz you aint got no love for blocc, pop!
~Brotha Lynch Hung~
by CryBabyLocc187 February 24, 2005
The two C's reflect that it is crip slang, similar to terms such as bloccsta, locc, etc.
Season of da Siccness
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by GMM March 22, 2006
Coined by the Sacramento Crip rapper, Brotha Lynch Hung, 'sicc' is the state of mind in which a person is prone towards paranoia, psychosis, agression and violence: one can aquire this state or rather some experience this from being really fucking high off bomb-ass weed.
'It wouldnt work with out that sicc so page a nigga quick so I can serve you some of that shit and have you murdering your bitch' --Brotha Lynch, Siccmade
#brotha lynch #locc #siccmade #maniacal #psycho #lunatic
by ThizzWalker November 13, 2007
damn that new dre joint is sicc
by Logan July 10, 2003
Meaning really awesome to the most hardcore Xtreme people.
Saying Sicc out of place will get you punched in the face point blank, and depending on the area, you may even get pistol whipped. Use Sicc at your own risk.
Bro, did you see that move?

Yea man... SICC!!!!
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by svtbolt04 January 09, 2006
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