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Tha most gangsta you can get, Locc, Locc 2 tha brain, Locc'd out nigga, GBC are Loccs, (Garden Blocc Crips), EBK are Loccs (East Blood Killas), BROTHA LYNCH HUNG, MISTA DOC, SICX, DOOMSDAY PRODUCTIONS, X-RAIDED, EKLYPSE, All are Loccs.
Locc 2 tha brain, insane, everyday all day its EBK, where niggaz load them straps, cuz the rivals on their way.
by CryBabyLocc187 February 24, 2005
Garden Blocc Crips - Crip Gang located in Sacramento California.
Im rollin with tha G-B-C, and it dont quit, thats the gangsta shit, hoes and niggaz know when i drop that hit. (Mista Doc)
by CryBabyLocc187 February 24, 2005
NOT THAT FAGGOT ASS SKATER VERSION OF SICK. Sicc = Tha Siccness, brotha lynch hung.
That Rip-Gut Cannibal Hannibal Shit, Nigga Nuts N Guts all over my Chest an stomache, runnin to the lac, to my strap in the back, twist me up a sac, an im back at the Garden Blocc, kickin it with maniac, that nigga that a maniac, Sicca then sicc when the clips in progress, put em the ground with there brain, fulla dem 9 slugs, an read'em in readers digest, uhh, i found a new love, trickelin in my brain, half of the doja, half of that O.E, half for the fact that im that insane, nigga from the deuce 4 bloccsta, where niggaz never put there glocks up, an get there cocks sucked, nigga you just cant stop us, Locc 2 tha brain, with the main game, betta maintain, untouchable, cut yo throat, and leave you in the street with a lynch around yo throat Mutha Fucka, cuz you aint got no love for blocc, pop!
~Brotha Lynch Hung~
by CryBabyLocc187 February 24, 2005

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