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The act of masturbating with no visual material.
The poor ethiopian boy had to freestyle because he had no computer or magazines.

Bobby had to freestyle because his mom threw out all the Sears Catalogues
by Graham January 25, 2004
Man, I was totally free styling with my friend the other day and her hair turned out awesome!
by theepicginger1 March 26, 2011
(v.) The act of engaging in an exercise or achieving a goal via one's own personal methods and skills (without resorting to established guidelines or protocols).
I din't study a single damn second for that math test, and freestyled an A-

On his first day at the wheel, that cocky prick Tyrone was freestyling a burnout and blew his wheels into a million fucking pieces. Dumbass should've stuck to basketball.
by Dan_da_Man May 09, 2006
sayin something good that sound tight
im chillin in the back of the lac smoke crack
by andre March 02, 2005