From Latin "sicut" which means something like "it was this way", "like that", "exactly this way".
It's usually used in the bracket in the text besides the word which could be recognized as written in the wrong way;
Mostly used to a quoted spelling mistake, implying for the reader that it isn't our mistake, but it was this way in the original.
The air ticket form Chicago to Shanghai costs about $1500 (sic!);
As he wrote in his message "tihs will be a looong juorney" (sic!);

by Jane.69 May 23, 2008
Sleep In Car drunk.

When you think you're good to drive, and end up waking up to the sunrise in your reclined seat.
He's going ham on those drinks, gonna be a SIC night!
by jowhatt May 11, 2012
Sharing-is-caring. Acronym used on Facebook when a friend shares another friends post.
When a friend shares a post they like that another friend had posted.

by Michael J. Milano September 28, 2011
sic, meaning "said in context" is used in literature to prove that the writer knows his mistake, but is publishing it anyways.
If the quotation you are using contains a grammatical error, you may reproduce that error, but you must write "sic" after it to indicate the error is not yours. You may also want to use "sic" after an offensive word or comment that you are quoting to indicate that you do not share the speaker's attitude.
John Clare was sorry one early work did not "describe the feelings
of a ryhming sic peasant strongly or localy sic enough"
(Autobiographical Writings 106).
by Bryce March 18, 2005
Someone who is against the proposed cuts made by the current British government; applies to all sections of society in disagreement with the plans.

Abbreviated form of 'sicosnipophobic'; which is, according to the mockumentary "Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser", is someone afraid of scissors.

This short form is appealing because it is monosyllabic, as well as being homophonic and alliterative with its opposite, a 'snip'; ie. someone who is /for/ the cuts. The scissors analogy fits as it has become a symbol of the proposed cuts to the budget.
Student #1: So, what to you think about this whole 'governmental budgeting' fiasco?

Student #2: What, me? Oh, I'm a sic here. A sic an' proud!

Student #1: Phew, thought you were a snip there.

Student #2: A snip? Don't be daft mate.

Student #1: Yeah, soz. Can't tell whose who sometimes..
by inertia87 December 13, 2010
slight internal chuckle

An extremely nerdy term used to express feelings of laughter or happiness. An alternative to the acronym LoL (Laugh out Loud). THIS TERM IS COPYRIGHTED BY MR. CADRA FROM YLHS!

P.S- 4th period cool kids made this ;)
Cadra: This incredible diction forced upon me a SIC.

Class: WTF is SIC?
by sartuz,mlee April 01, 2011

Most often occurs in white women when confronting her lust/logic conundrum regarding interracial romance. Most often accompanied by a "sick" facial expression upon seeing a black guy that they are attracted to.
Pamela gave Cedric a sic expression and blushed.
by Future Hollywood Mogul March 14, 2005

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