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Common misspelling of Guinness
dude, I can't even spell guiness
by Guinness2702 June 10, 2005
'Glasscock' specifically refers to a widely and repeatedly distributed photograph of a woman kissing a glass trophy which, owing to the angle from which it was taken, resembles a large cock.

However, it is commonly used perjoratively to describe any (typically humourous) image or similar file, posted on the Internet, which has previously been widely seen.

Rather than to criticise the image itself, it is intended to insult the person who posted the image for wasting the recipients' time, and for being out-of-date.
Glasscock! You fail!!!
by Guinness2702 April 20, 2009
A woman who behaves like a man and/or gets on well with men in a platonic way . One of the boys. (affectionate)
Bill: That Suzie's great, we spent hours talking about the football over a few pints, last night.
Ted: Oh yeah, she's a chap with a gap alright!
by Guinness2702 July 14, 2005
To defeat emphatically. The lesson being that the schooler is better than the schoolee.
Player 1 was bragging about how great he was, until I schooled him with my AK47.
by Guinness2702 June 10, 2005
Abbreviation of glasscock.
GC! You fail!!!
by Guinness2702 April 20, 2009
Acronym: Spelling In Context. Used to indicate that the author is quoting another person's incorrect spelling of a word
And then he wrote "But I love drinking Guiness (sic)," and I didn't believe anything he said after that.
by Guinness2702 July 18, 2005

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