another meaning for cool. used in pretense as a word for xtreme sports.
That drop was sic.

I kicked the living shit outta him, look out, my fist is sic with fury.
by D66M6D February 07, 2005
so incredibly cool
"From Justin to Kelly" was sic! May have been the most awesome movie I've ever seen!
by Glerg March 29, 2005
abbreviation for "sharing is caring"
Why aren't you sharing on P2P? SIC.
by chiak March 25, 2005
an awsome slipknot song
enmy show me what u wanna be i can handle anything even if i cant handle you..... (sic)
by john doles January 11, 2006
The definition as described SHOULD BE "sick" NOT "sic".

The etymology is from making one "sick from the excitment" or significance, or import of an event or action.
Totally sick (from the adrenalin rush) mate!
by Sam Labourne March 03, 2005
used to enhance the expression when one is talking about hard tricks that look cool on a skateboard/BMX/snowboard (all board sports)
That Was a sic kickflip
by skateordie May 07, 2003
It means stay the same.
"Stay (sic) fu*kers"
by Sammi June 18, 2004

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