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created by an unassuming and brilliant broad named Bubba, shwa has many different applications and meanings, depending on circumstance and emotion involved. A hybrid of the archaic expression, "say what?" shwa has developed a life of its own and is traveling over the country as it is exchanged in conversation.

Originally used as Bubba-speak for, "What!!!!" shwa is now taking on any myriad of meanings. See examples below...
Example A:
Beets: Oh man Patrick O'Sullivan just scored a short-handed goal!!!

Bubba: Shwa!!! THAT'S ROCKIN!!! GO PATTY O!!!

Example B:
JSR: That new girl thinks Lenny is stupid, Bubba.

Bubba: Shwateva...

Example C:
ItsMraHole2U: Hey Bubba, I am in need of your superior advice...

Bubba: Ah yes, the office of the Shwalillama is now open...
by Bubba February 13, 2005
The city of Oshawa, east of Toronto...
Also known as "dirty shwa"
The only good jobs around here are in the dirrrty shwa car factory.
by zzat January 19, 2004
(n): a shocking or exciting event
(v): to express shock or excitement
synonyms: OMG

other forms:
havashwa (n/v): confusion or disbelief
"I have the biggest shwa story for you."
"I hurried home so i could shwa to my best friend about my exciting day at school."
"Shwa! The best thing happened today!"
by shwa-girl September 30, 2009
meaning what, how, or why
"Shwat's up?"
"Say shwa?" or
by Zach Michael May 22, 2006
a group of awesome people in a certain group. in order to get in to this exclusive group you have to have seen the goonies.
you just got raped by shwa
by horn muffin December 30, 2010
Shwa = "sure"
The welsh pronunciation of the english word 'Sure'.
It's a brilliant way to annoy articulated people.
Bethan: Aled, I really didn't mean to eat all the chocolate!
Aled: Shwa, Beth, Shwa.
Bethan: It's Sure! Not shwa!
by metoffice January 02, 2010
A smear-looking, non sraight line.
a つ (tsu), ノ (shi), or a '?' without its point would be a shwa.
by KTisawesome August 18, 2010
Combination of Say What.
Fred: Did you hear what happened to Britney Spears?
George: Shwa?
by Patricia and Margot January 15, 2010