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The city of Oshawa, east of Toronto...
Also known as "dirty shwa"
The only good jobs around here are in the dirrrty shwa car factory.
by zzat January 19, 2004
A ghetto part of Toronto
'Nuff said
by zzat January 19, 2004
Ghetto place in Toronto
Regent Park or Rexdale?
by zzat January 19, 2004
Another name for Scarborough, part of Toronto.
I say I'm from TO, but I don't wanna tell anyone that I'm really from scarbs.
by zzat January 19, 2004
Attempt at conversation that fills dead air.
After we all watched liz stumble to the table dave said "So I said to mable I said" to draw attention away from her.
by zzat January 19, 2004

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