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military acronym for "Joe Shit the Ragman". He's the mythical sailor who screws everyting up and can never get anything right. A complete idiot. Also, the total opposite of "AJ Squared Away".
I ain't cleaning the bilge. Tell the chief to get get JSR to do it!
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005

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Jeremy is an American Soccer Player. He was born on october 26,1989. he was born in jacksoville florida. he currently plays for a baker county club.
he is the son of terry and shirleen rhoden.he has been playing soccer since he was 10. he has led baker county to 1 championship along side Gil who is the goalie.
over the past couple of years the team has suggled but jeremy had an outstanding year this year scoring 7 goals to lead the team into the playoffs.
Jeremy can do amazing thing with a soccer ball. He can almost pull off a perfect bycyclekick and make it in the goal.the man is a pure genious
dang that boy JSR is damn good at soccer
by gil ravan January 08, 2008
An awesome and very stylish forum member.
JSR is a champion.
by JSR April 10, 2003