yup; yes; yeah.
Person 1: Did you get my text?
Person 2: Shup!
Person 1: ight, i'll see you at 7
by jbiebsss April 27, 2011
An alternative pronunciation of "Shut up".
I wish you'd shup already!!!
by Zoie Jinx December 11, 2010
How a person with a lisp pronounces "Sup" because they cannot say it correctly.
Normal speaking person: "What's up Katelyn?"
Katelyn (lisp): "Shup!"
by BobSaggot583 February 23, 2011
verb: 1. To shut up 2. To shut the fuck up

Origin: The "up" language
Girl: "Blah, blah blah, hahahehehe blahblahblah"
Boy: "Sh'up"
Girl: "Hahehe blahblah, what?"
Boy: "Sh'up"
by Damn Ma'am! February 03, 2010
An acronym meaning "Shut The Hell Up"
"I'm so fucking awesome dude"
"Shup Erving"
by Princess Amazon October 13, 2013
shut up
give me yo money foo shup
by iowndis September 29, 2010
Internet sling and a dyslexic mixture of "shut up."
"Hahaha that show's gay."
by pocobou February 03, 2010

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