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a adorable person. she is perfect in every way! she will always be there for you and has a perfect body structure. (ass to breast ratio is GREAT!) She is a kind hearted person who is sexy,nice,georgous,pretty, and has a wonderful smile.
look at CECE over there!

she is incredible!!! (;
by youknowme13 March 04, 2011
A young girl with an amazing personality that everyone can't help but to love her. She chooses to befriend males rather than females. A Ce-ce has tons of friends that would never think of leaving her. Ce-ce's tend to be attractive to everyone. All Ce-ce's have the super power to know what someone's feeling. Never mess with a Ce-ce or you will surely find yourself in a world of pain. When you see a Ce-ce, her image will be locked in your memory forever. Falling in love with a Ce-ce is unavoidable. However Ce-ce's do not fall in love with anyone. The consequences of having feelings for a Ce-ce are terrible. Never leave her side, she will help you through all obstacles and create wonderful memories throughout your friendship.
DAMN, look at Ce-ce! :D
by holler98 July 17, 2011
1. Often a nickname for the names: Cecilia, Cecelia, or Cecil. It is female.
2. Can be a first name too.
1. A: Have you met Cecilia?

B: Yup! Her nickname is CeCe

A: Cool.

2. A: Do you listen to CeCe Winans?

B: Yes! I love her music.
by marshmellowswillruletheworld October 21, 2009
Derived from Uzbekistan's latin translation of "Hey fine thang, why don't you come on over and teach me experimental astrological physics and theoligy?", it was eventually condensed to "Hey..."

Literally translated in the Greek, it means Ta-Ta, but it's all a complex fabricated nickname anyway, so we won't go into that
How are you doing, Ce-Ce?
by cHi August 12, 2004
A name that is very pretty. A Cece is also very pretty. They are friends to all. When you see a Cece, it is hard not to be her best friend. Cece's are generally nice, and are obsessed with saving the Earth with her other BFF. Sometimes, Cece's don't notice you are there. But most times, they are nice to you, and appreciate you. They always make you feel better.
Cece is a very pretty girl.
by Psenonumous June 03, 2016
A crutial member for the DBC, douchebag crew. Perhaps the most vital member because of his nickname frosty the snowman.
Cece came to the bar with an eight ball in his pocket.
by Laura February 11, 2005
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