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"Shut up" fused into one word.
"Hello, I--"
by dj gs68 September 10, 2003
Word used to force an end to an argument. Said in repeated succession to annoy and confuse others. Also used to show superiority.

'Shut up' said fast or the word 'shut up' fused together
Mat: 'should of seen me on the slopes today'
Owen: 'shup'
Mat: ' No you shup'
Owen: 'No you shup!'
Mat: ' No you shup'
Owen: 'No i said shup first so you can shup or you get a smack!'
by Jimmison! August 12, 2007
A word for a hot chick when you want to signal your buddies to check her out.
Yo that chick was shup or you say SHUP and your boys know to scan the area for a hot chick.
by PeaceElsh July 07, 2009
Degredation of the English language, deriving from 'Shut up'. Usually said for no apparent reason... or just to piss someone off.
Joe: Hey what are we eati-
Kevin: Shup!
Joe: Shup!
Kevin: Shup!
Joe: Shup!
Kevin: Shup!
Joe: your mum.
by FatMonkeyJuice March 17, 2006
A word equivalent to "shut up" but a shorter version.
"Wow Sarah . . . just . . . wow!"
by willowedmoon March 25, 2009
unprepared, sarcasm for saying your in shape. not ready, abbreviation
I didn't study for the test next period i'm in shups
by meggy00 August 09, 2011
Pronounced: "Shuh-up"
I.E. cease from talking, be quiet but in a fast yet slurred manner. Can also be used when you have no comeback.

A very sluggish pronunciation of the word, "Shutup."
Most professional skiers, surf boarders, and skate boarders use such slang.
Sexy Girl: Hey Markus, I heard from a friend that you have a flatulence problem.

Markus Léaf: Shup!
by Markus Léaf January 21, 2014
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