Short for "Push Up"

When you are so diamond cut and ripped that you spend so long feeling the deep burn that is a waste of energy to use both syllables in Push Up, as you have so many shups to do.
StupidPeanut: What your working on today, big man?
T-Dawg: Gonna be working the biceps with some shups. 50 shups.

Announcer: Who's gonna win this shup contest
by StupidPeanut October 11, 2010
A combination of the words: shut and up.
For people of exceptional laziness.
C: You're such an ass
S: Shup you
by Shindy February 13, 2008
Shortened version of Shut up / Be Quiet
Shup man / Shup Guys
by InstruoProBellum June 13, 2009
short way of saying *shut up*
shup man!, will you just shup as i'm busy thanks!
by Anthony Carr March 23, 2008
could be substituted as any word.
What the shup you been up to? or just shup? as in whats up
by saccoisgodly April 18, 2010
A typo that is only done by dumbass 18 year olds trying to become a pharmacist.
Shup up!
by NiGgEr-FaGgOt123 September 25, 2008
Rear, Butt, bottom, Its what you sit on.
When I was bad, my Mom would say to me "I'm going to spank your shup!!"
by offthewallagain May 16, 2009

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