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Degredation of the English language, deriving from 'Shut up'. Usually said for no apparent reason... or just to piss someone off.
Joe: Hey what are we eati-
Kevin: Shup!
Joe: Shup!
Kevin: Shup!
Joe: Shup!
Kevin: Shup!
Joe: your mum.
by FatMonkeyJuice March 17, 2006
An alternative way of describing someone as a homosexual, Usually spoken by two people behind his back.
Person1: What's up with that Brian guy over there?

Person2: Well... he drives on the wrong side of the road, if you know what I mean
by FatMonkeyJuice March 10, 2006
An expression used by chavs to express their hatred for anyone with an IQ higher than 20. Hanging around in groups of at least five, they wait around street corners eating Maccy D's all day until one of them plucks up the courage to shout to a stranger "Get a haircut, hippie!". This will often be followed by any kind of comeback, witty or not, of which the chav will be unable to reply.
Chav: Get a haircut, hippie!
Person: Can't afford one... got any money?
Chav: Err...
by FatMonkeyJuice March 17, 2006
The most rediculous word ever invented. Used by anyone with an IQ less than 20, or people who are unable to play Counterstrike or Starcraft less than 18 hours a day.
t3hpwn4ge: ur a n00b
Person: Who cares?
by FatMonkeyJuice April 04, 2006

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