shut + up = shup
Tim needs to shup.
by Cinga April 30, 2007
a word that joins together the pharse shut up to one word. me and my best friend cece made up this word and use it all the time.
Eric: hi...
Zac: shup i dont like you.
by the magic man October 05, 2006
Shut up! but combined to make one word.
Alex: "man you have a anteater penis!"

Mike: "shup!"
by diseased sheep July 15, 2006
the short version of Shut Up
You better shup before she hears you
by Dani January 25, 2005
a faster way for lazy people to say/type shut up.
shup you fucking dickhead im trying to jerk it to jennifer lopez
by tom bloomer June 03, 2003
Short for "shut up", often used in a joking manner. Often used completely capitalized.
He asked me to SHUP when I was spamming.
by Trafton March 08, 2003
A Retard fathead's way of spelling shut up
Woody: Tinkerbell has a nice butt
Torie: Ewww you freak
Woody: Well you're the same size as her
Woody: It's a turn on
Torie: Shup!
by Woodness September 18, 2006

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