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Acronym for Sitting Here Smirking, standing here smiling, etc. an alternative to lol similar to stm.
Texter 1: (says random funny shit)
Texter 2: LOL
Texter 1: who the fuck LOLs while texting?
Texter 2: oh yeah SHS
by losers win @ June 12, 2009
66 66
acronym for sitting here stoned.
i'm shs.
by Arnold22 August 11, 2011
56 6
Internet acronym for "slow head shake", to be used when someone does something stupid or inexplicable.
John's Status Update: I'm calling my ex!

John's Friend's Update: Dude, SHS.
by crmbcrspcoating July 07, 2013
5 4
Stupid hipster shit. No one else will get what the hell your saying you elitist piece of fuck.
Friend:"Tonight, I mistook David Gordon Green for a butch-presenting lesbian..."
That's SHS!
by Biscuitface June 04, 2013
7 6
Acronym for Slut Hip Syndrome. The pain a person gets after having their legs spread so wide apart during sex.
Sex was wild last night and now my S.H.S. is acting up.
by SHS72 September 14, 2011
1 1
Acronym for spalding high school. A high school in Griffin, Georgia also known as Griptown as referenced to in Atlanta rapper's songs.
S.H.S. or spalding high school sucks ass.
by Splading high student October 10, 2007
3 3
Acronym for Same Hole Syndrome

A condition where one is tired of having sex with the same woman. The only known cure is to replace and repeat.
Tiger Woods was not suffering from having a Sex Addiction he was suffering from SHS.
by krakorjak January 31, 2011
19 20