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v. snowboarding
I'm gonna go shredding at Snow Creek tommorow. You wanna come?
by JackieC January 26, 2004
see cow fries
mmm! these rocky mountain oysters taste just like chicken nuggets! hmm... i wonder what is really in those nuggets at wendys...
by jackieC January 26, 2004
a small hill for beggining skiiers and snowboarders. usually has a rope pull instead of a chair lift
i fell on my face 5 times trying to get down the bunny hill at snow creek.
by JackieC January 26, 2004
the testicle of a calf, deep fried and tasting like a chicken nugget and or fried bologna
made by the owners of beef cattle (to be killed for meat) they cut the balls off of male calves so they do not produce testosterone and not be hostile toward the owners or toward other cattle.

aka rocky mountain oysters
mmm! the cow fries are chewy!
by jackieC January 26, 2004
our new motto in Mrs. Gruman's Algerbra 2H class that means to factor first!
'Factor first!' reminded mrs. gruman trying to add humor in the classroom
by JackieC January 26, 2004
a snowboarding and skiing place in kansas
man, i can barely get off the bunny hill at snow creek
by JackieC January 26, 2004
trying to make your class laugh w/ corny jokes. has been attempted by a certain math teacher.
get it? it's humor in the classroom! c'mon guys! laugh!
factor first
math disco dancing
'the talk' (that one wasnt on purpose tho!)
and many many more.. usually math related corny jokes!
by JackieC January 26, 2004

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