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Trying to be cool, but ultimately very uncool indeed, and often even extremely embarrassing
Man, did you see that Manowar show? The way they posed? And all that "Knights of Steel" bullshit? Hell that was corny.
by Dimebag May 05, 2004
The most satisfying thing to do with a guitar. There are non-believers, in this age of nu-school hiphop, rap metal and ska, but there will always be a cult devoted to the art in its truest form.
Dimebag can shred like a motherfucker. Seriously, he can shred like you wouldnt believe. Thats until he died. Rest In Peace Dimebag, you motherfuckin legend.
by Dimebag December 22, 2004
The George Bush pronunciation bushism of subliminal.
...the use of subliminable messages...
by Dimebag November 28, 2004
Blowing your load in a chicks face, then punching her in the nose, making it bleed, smeer the blood and the ejaculate and you got a raspberry bismark!
You want a raspberry bismark? Are you sure?
by Dimebag July 27, 2004
Obtaining the worst possible passing grade at university merely by attendance, marking your name on the exam paper(s) and very little else.
Mark went to university and did a ragnarok, it wasnt really worth 3 years of his sad, hollow life :(
by Dimebag September 21, 2004
When a girl slurps the cum out of a condom, tipping it up like a pixie stick.
Yo I pulled off my rubber and gave that bitch a pixie stick.
by Dimebag July 27, 2004

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