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Thanking someone for doing something.
If you ask someone to do something for you, and they do it you say shot. Or if you asked a friend for some food or drink,and they give you some you say shot.
by samman2knz May 18, 2005
British ENGLISH Gangster slang for stab.
"woh man that was sick! i saw them shot him"
by Heath_Lord May 01, 2006
combining of words short and hot. can also use with tall (tot), or nerdy (not).
Shawn: Dude, did you see that shot walk by??
Paul: Where???
by Demon666 August 06, 2007
Out of the loop with social surroundings. Shot!
"Yo, that kid is so shot!"
by CHRIS AND LINDSAY April 17, 2008
to place something in a location
why don't you shot those bottles in the fridge.
by kippo May 23, 2003
when sucking in a hit, you suck the ash through the pipe into your mouth
Ah! fuck man i just got shot of that one hitter yo.
by Gangsta Chris March 12, 2005
shot:stupid ,ignerant,slow,far from smart,bmac
"damm brennan your shot bad!!" u r so fukin shot!
by jackmehoff September 23, 2004