A verb. A shot block is best referenced when another person prevents someone from being able to drink or access alcohol. As an adj. Someone can be described as a shot block if they directly prevent you from drinking alcohol.
Dont shot block me I am trying to party. Dude really you need to stop being a shot block.
by iAMsporty114 March 23, 2010
Top Definition
a large block of ice containing melted out canals which alcohol is poured down in a rapid manner to be consumed by a person whose mouth is positioned at the bottom of the block.
Hey man, let's hit up the shot block and get shwasted!
by Katherine J July 12, 2006
Happens when someone calls "Shotgun!" before entering a friends vehicle and someone goes and take the shotgun away from you
Even though Hunter clearly called shotgun while we were walking to the car, Lennore still shotblocked him we got there.
by roubarb424 December 08, 2009
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