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A place to promote yourself, converse on a text-based digital medium, do whatever you want really. If there isn't a subreddit for it, you can make one. Take everything with a grain of salt as trolls are always in arm's reach. The user post popularity system is ranked by upvotes and downvotes, with new content quickly pushing out older content. Risky click, but worth a shot.
I read it on reddit.
by ilikeeatingbrains November 03, 2013
The temperature inside a dead Taunton, good enough for Rebel Scum.
Han Solo cut open a Luke warm Taunton to save a certain Jedi from hypothermia. Good thing he didn't get cold feet.
by ilikeeatingbrains March 21, 2013
A person (male or female) that attempts and succeeds in deepthroating erect penises on a regular basis. The difference between a gag queen and a drag queen lies in the fact a drag queen dresses up, and does not necessarily put penises in their mouth.
Jenny passed her time on the dorm swallowing cock juicedown her esophagus, and the students called her the resident gag queen.

Jason didn't realize people would look down on him, when he stuffed three dicks in one orifice.Fortunately his complaints were muffled.
by ilikeeatingbrains September 26, 2008
!. The species of goblins that you see when you are high on acid
!. A really ugly crackhead
You: Shit Man!
Freind: Yo what's up?
You: I think a crack goblin just ran across the street
Freind: Shit M<an! I see it too!
by ilikeeatingbrains June 15, 2006
When someone keeps going after swallowing all of the cock, and throws the balls in as well. Named for those movies featuring King of the Dickheads, Tom Cruise.
Wow, I bet Katie Holmes must have a huge cock. I wonder if Tom has ever given her the mission impossible?
by ilikeeatingbrains October 01, 2014
A really ugly lesbian
Yo Dawg, see Ashlee Simpson After her surgery? She a troglodyke, n'gga
by ilikeeatingbrains June 19, 2006

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