talking without any specific purpose; passing the time with causal conversation
We were just shooting the shit out on the front porch while waiting for Justin to show up.
by Ignotus October 30, 2003
slang for talking with someone about nothing in particular.
"Come on over and shoot the shit" Nirvana-Aneurysm
by shen-an-doah October 28, 2003
Akin to 'shooting the breeze'. Passing time doing nothing in particular.
I'm just sitting here, you know, shooting the shit.
by Stuart October 31, 2003
To conversate with another person about anything.
I was shooting the shit with Bill and found out Jill had the clap!
by Nebula X>>> October 28, 2003
The act of spending time enjoyably, yet unproductively, with one's peers.
Fred is over at his cousin's house shooting the shit with family members.
by 1Spectre4U October 31, 2003
Talking the talk, much like chatting but more manly. The shit being the gossip.
We were just shooting the shit in Starbucks and he pulled out his gatt.
by Badboy October 30, 2003
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