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Philisophical phrases that everyone knows and groans whenever they hear it. Much like the jokes on penguin wrappers.
Of The Matrix: Reloaded: "Random Bible references and penguin-wrapper philosophy do not a good movie make."
by shen-an-doah October 21, 2003
slang for talking with someone about nothing in particular.
"Come on over and shoot the shit" Nirvana-Aneurysm
by shen-an-doah October 28, 2003
A way of persuading someone (usually unwilling) to have sex with you without the need for drugs or force.

When a victim is RPUNGED they go into a trance like/comatose state, which the assailant induces using various methods such as shaking their 'booty' or swinging their genitalia in a hypnotic fashion. Once in a comatose state the victim is then used for various acts of pleasure and amusement by the assailant and although seems fully awake and responsive, only remembers the events as a rather unusual dream.
"I RPUNGED your mum last night!
#sex #hypnosis #mum #mom #pleasure #dream
by shen-an-doah January 13, 2009
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